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Why Kodo

It was a sleepy summer afternoon and the math class seemed to go on forever. We couldn’t take it anymore.

A few of my classmates leaned towards me and begged me to ask a few questions to break the teacher’s monologue. I did just that and saved the day. I didn’t know until then, that my genuine curiosity in the class had put me in the nerd camp. Since I weaponized my questions to break the class flow, I suddenly became a part of the cool club. Henceforth, I stopped asking genuine questions and carried a smug demeanor of someone who knows it all or doesn’t care.

Life comes a full circle. As we build Kodo, we are forced to ask the right questions. And the most important one is – Why are we doing this? 

We are building a business banking platform that thinks for its users.

Our mission is to create the most intuitive financial tools for founders to free up their time and mind to pursue their mission with confidence. We believe that founders & their teams should not have to spend their most creative hours in the drudgery of financial tasks.

We believe they should be free from the anxiety of where their money is, how much is being spent, and how to optimize their cash flows. We want to remove all anxiety related to the finance function and replace it with delight. The current banking and financial infrastructure that’s available to them is sub-optimal, to say the least. 

We love businesses. It’s beautiful to see a group of people coming together to serve its customer’s needs and build an economic engine that sustains all its stakeholders. It’s inspiring to see a team question the status quo and take risks to pursue its vision of a better world. A rebel with a worthy cause is our muse.

This is why we exist.



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