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Changing the game, one expense at a time.

We’ve set out to simplify corporate banking and finance. In doing so, we hope to bring some delight to work.

Who we are

What’s worse, overpaying or wasting time? Both. See, corporate banking has long remained antiquated and inconvenient for business owners. It’s either costly features you don’t need or tools that still require you to do mundane, time-consuming tasks. So, we set out to fix that back in 2019 by creating a platform that enables businesses all over India to manage their corporate expenses more effectively.

And, we’ve created just that; a simplified corporate banking platform that gives back to business owners what they need most – their time. Based out of Mumbai, India, Kodo has grown to a team of over 35+ and counting. We aim to continue to grow, build, and service the world’s leading organisations with cutting-edge expense management tools.

What drives us

Our customers are everything.

We know managing expenses can be stress inducing, confusing, and downright frustrating. That’s why we focus intensely on making the experience of managing corporate expenses as straightforward as possible. It starts with an easy-to-use interface and it ends with unparalleled customer support.

Think big, don’t settle.

Just like many of our customers, Kodo has big ambitions to scale. We understand that what you are creating today is the foundation upon which you will continue to grow five, ten, twenty years from now. With that in mind, we built Kodo to not just meet your needs today, but to continue to do so indefinitely, regardless of how big and fast you scale.

Never forget who to thank.

At the end of the day, businesses are built by people. If the business is succeeding, the people behind it should too. So, we work hard to foster a work environment that supports personal growth and opportunity, all while delivering to our customers the best experience possible. We call that a win-win-win.

The numbers so far


Over 1500+ customers

50 lakhs

Over 50 Lakhs in customer savings

1 Hour

Average query response time

What our customers are saying

In the news


Brex is the largest corporate card startup globally and was most recently valued at $12.3 billion in October’21.

Y Combinator

YC is the world’s most selective early-stage funding platform for startups, with less than 2% acceptance rate.

Goat Capital

Goat Capital incubates and invests in companies with amazing founders. Founded by Robin Chan and Justin Kan.

Pioneer Fund

Pioneer Fund combines capital, expertise, connections, and support from 300+ Y Combinator alumni.

Our mission is to empower businesses to scale to new heights and to save time
doing so.

If this mission resonates with you and the idea of joining a fast growing team excites you, let us know, because we are hiring.

Simplifying corporate banking and finance

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