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If growing fast excites you, you’ve come to the right place.

We are empowering businesses around the world and looking for the best people to help us further that mission.

Work hard, play hard.

At Kodo, we mix work, with a tad bit of silly 🙂

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What it takes to join the lean, keen Kodo tribe

You’re only as crazy as your next idea

Our goal is to optimize the way businesses operate and change the game of corporate expense management forever. It’s no small task so thinking outside-the-box is a must. We live off innovative, unique, and creative ideas.

Responsible risk-taking

As a startup, we’re not burdened by the inefficiencies that come with legacy corporate structures. We’re staying lean, always experimenting, learning, and moving forward. We’re looking for go-getters who aren’t afraid to take a risk or two and who like to take on responsibility.

Listening matters

Our journey began by serving a customer of one, ourselves. Through the years, we’ve learned one thing that has really stuck with us: if you listen and truly care for your customers, everything will fall into place. Empathy is a big must for us.

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