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Frequently asked questions

About Kodo

Kodo was started in 2019 with a strong belief that repetitive financial tasks should be automated so that founders can focus on building their business and doing what they love.

We offer an all-in-one payments solution that simplifies corporate spending for your entire company. Kodo cards, bank transfers and UPI payments help you move money faster and smarter. Add to that, a slick spend management platform that helps you keep track of company-wide expenses.

We work with the State Bank of Mauritius, ICICI Bank & RBL Bank to provide you with a seamless & instant payment experience.

1) Kodo credit cards

2) Kodo prepaid cards

3) Kodo Pay (including UPI payments) You can use these products for:

  • Online company expenses like digital marketing, ad spends, IT subscriptions, etc.
  • Offline company expenses like travel, fuel, accommodation, etc.
  • UPI and Vendor payments, salary disbursals, employee reimbusements, etc.
  • Excellent customer service – We love our customers and this reflects in how we serve them.
  • Simple user-friendly interface – We take the stress out of payments by providing you with an intuitive dashboard that is very easy to use.
  • Unmatched rewards and perks – We offer exclusive discounts on office and laptop purchases, AWS payments, Google Workspace, etc.
  • Longer credit period – We offer a 38-day interest-free period on expenses paid through the Kodo credit card.
  • Customer-first product – We work very closely with our customers to launch new features that solve their most pressing payment problems.
  • Lower fees – We strive to provide you with the best payment experience at the lowest possible cost.
  • Faster credit approval – Unlike banks, we do credit approvals at breakneck speed.

Kodo card is issued in the name of your company. The repayments are made directly from your company’s account. You don’t need to stress about getting re-imbursements every month or before the end of the accounting year.

From an accounting and tax perspective, it’s prudent to keep your personal and business expenses separate. You don’t want to worry about proving later that the re-imbursement amount you received in your personal account is not taxable salary.

Also, using the Kodo card and making repayments on time will also help you build a good credit score for your business.

A debit card gives anyone carrying it, access to the entire cash balance in your company’s bank account. That’s why you typically have to make a special request to get a debit card at the time of opening your company’s bank account. Kodo cards provide additional security, personalized control over card spends and visibility into how your company money is being used.

Also, debit cards cannot be issued to multiple team members. Kodo allows you to easily issue multiple cards with set spend limits and monitor them in real time using it’s integrated expense management tool.

Kodo card is for your business expenses. So, any kind of a business setup is eligible for Kodo (you can mention registered in India). Private Limited Companies, LLP/Partnership firms, Sole Proprietorships are eligible for Kodo.

Yes. If you have admin rights on Kodo, you can issue Kodo cards to as many team members as you like directly from your dashboard. You’ll get a real-time view and analytics of the spends done using all the Kodo cards in your company. If a team member leaves the company, you can easily block the card on Kodo.

Not at all! You can have a Kodo account for your company with just 1 card, though we usually recommend that you issue cards to your team members as well. This can help free up your time and delegate payments while still having control over your company’s spend.

It takes 3 minutes to apply and once you share the documents, virtual cards are activated instantly.

Absolutely! You can login to your Kodo admin dashboard where you have complete control over your company cards. You can issue new cards and block old ones, set daily and monthly limits for each card, reload balances, flag transactions as personal, and much more.

A rupee saved is a rupee earned. Kodo customers can unlock ₹50 lakh+ in savings through mind-blowing deals on AWS, Azure, Google Workspace, Airmeet, laptop purchases, etc.

Yes we do! We have a PWA (Progressive Web Application) which means it can be easily downloaded from the browser on your phone and desktop. You can follow the below steps: For Chrome users –

  1.  Go to the website and click on ‘Login’.
  2. Enter email id and passcode to log into the dashboard.
  3. Go to the extreme right top corner and click on the three vertical dots.
  4. From the options, click on ‘Install Kodo’ .

For Safari users –

  1. Go to the website and click on ‘Login’.
  2. Enter email id and passcode to log into the dashboard.
  3. Choose the Share up arrow at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Add to Homescreen’

Kodo cards

Yes! Kodo cards are accepted globally at any offline or online merchant as they are on Visa and Mastercard networks

  • You can set daily and monthly limits.
  • Lock and block cards.
  • Enable or disable certain transaction channels — ATM withdrawal, Forex transactions, Online transactions.

Yes, we offer both! Virtual cards are issued automatically and physical cards can be requested as well.

Your physical Kodo card will be at your doorstep in 7-10 business days. In the meantime, you can start using your virtual Kodo card instantly.

As many as you want! We have no limit on the number of team members you can add to Kodo. Moreover, you can control the level of access each team member has by assigning them the role of either a user or an accountant or an admin.

Yes, you can use your Kodo card to make international payments. For prepaid cards, the forex fee is 1.75% while for credit cards, it’s 2.25%.

We offer cashback upto 1% on prepaid cards as well as credit cards where daily/weekly auto-debit has been setup

No, you can load as much money as you need on your Kodo card!

Yes! Many of our customers have cards are exclusively for either Facebook ads, digital marketing spends or SaaS payments.

Yes! In your admin dashboard, you can get an overview of your total company spends and filter by employee names and month to view such transactions.You can also download a custom CSV file of these filtered transactions.

Yes! You can add the receipts to each transaction by uploading a PDF or image of the bill directly on the dashboard itself. Alternatively, you can also email a copy of the receipt to our dedicated Kodo email that will attach the receipt for you.

Yes. You can enable QR Pay for your cardholders in the Team settings. Additionally, you can also setup a daily or monthly transaction amount limit to manage the payments made through QR Pay.

Kodo pay

You can use Kodo Pay to make payments to anyone (vendors, employees, etc.) using a bank transfer, UPI ID or QR code.

Yes! You can use any of the 3 — your Kodo credit line, your Kodo virtual account or your linked ICICI bank account — to make bank transfers and UPI payments to beneficiaries.

Yes! You can upload a CSV file of all your beneficiary payments and seamlessly make payments to multiple beneficiaries at once through Kodo Pay


Currently, we don’t have any charges for the issuance of Kodo prepaid cards though there are fees on certain types of transactions:

Annual charges = NIL

ATM withdrawal charges = ₹20+GST

Forex fee = 2.0% of transaction amount + GST

We have no charges for the issuance of Kodo credit cards though there are fees on certain types of transactions:

Annual charges = NIL

ATM withdrawal fee = 2.5% of withdrawal amount + GST

Forex transaction fee = 2.5% of transaction amount + GST

Late repayment penalty = 2.5% of outstanding amount + GST

We offer a 38-day interest-free period on expenses paid through the Kodo credit card

Payments made using Kodo Pay carry a 0.5% fee with a maximum cap of INR 10 per transaction. If payments are made using the credit facility offered by our credit partners, applicable fees & interest related to that partner will be charged.


You can apply directly through our website or write to us at

You can apply directly through our website or write to us at

The billing cycle for your Kodo credit line is 30-31 days and the repayment is due on the 8th of every month.

How to pay:  You can easily repay by logging in to your admin dashboard and choosing the net-banking, bank transfer or convert to 3-month EMI option

In your admin dashboard, once you click on activate Kodo account, you can add funds by directly making a bank transfer into your Kodo virtual account

Simplifying corporate banking and finance

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