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8 Unique Tools That Every HR Manager Should Know About!

The responsibilities of an HR department are vast and depend largely on the organization’s size and industry. Regardless of the business vertical or the number of employees, there are several tools that HR personnel can deploy to save time and make processes more efficient without sacrificing quality. These tools leverage the power of automation allowing HR staff to save time, cut costs, and manage their employees easily.

We have put together a list of 8 such unique and powerful tools that every HR manager should have in their arsenal. 

Atypical advantage is India’s largest inclusive platform that generates livelihood for people with disabilities. They let you hire multi-talented individuals, freelancers and performing artists who are experienced in their respective fields. So the next time when you need to hire a freelancer or a sales associate, or just an art piece for your office; do check them out.

Did you know that 58% of people trust a stranger over their manager? This makes it harder and harder for companies to understand what their employees are thinking which in turn makes it difficult to retain high-quality talent. Now, imagine if there was a system that talks to your employees and gives you an analytical summary of the atmosphere in your company. 

Amber does just that. It is an employee engagement bot that has proactive conversations with your employees and informs the C-Suite: who is happy, who is disengaged and who is most likely to leave. 

Kodo is a new age banking alternative and expense management platform that HR managers and founders can use to simplify the finances of their company. Companies can issue virtual cards to their employees and monitor all transactions via a simple interface, hence saying goodbye to messy receipt management and reimbursement processes.

HR managers can empower employees, avoid costly surprises and manage controls on the go. With no joining or maintenance fee and a lack of personal guarantee to the credit offered, KODO can be just what your company needs to step up their game. Not to mention, the countless benefits and rewards for your employees that come with each transaction so you can get more with each swipe.

GoCo assists businesses in automating the hiring and onboarding process. With plans starting at $5 per employee per month, GoCo is a cost-effective product for streamlining the hiring process. It helps optimize and organize paperwork while creating custom approaches, with add-on features like payroll and leave monitoring. 

This tool gathers employee-satisfaction data as well as possibilities for improving a team’s efficiency. It offers a place for employees to discuss the answers of surveys that were sent out and creates reports that can be shared across an organization. Officevibe also has a custom polling option to monitor a team’s stance on certain projects or assignments.

The best talent in tech can be hard to find. If you are having trouble discovering the best techie for your team, you would love Weekday. Instead of posting a job listing on several distribution channels, Weekday works on a referral model that lets you pick passive job seekers who have been vouched for by other software engineers. Weekday believes that the best talent does not discover opportunities. The opportunities discover them.

This tool is beneficial to businesses that want to store their data on their own servers and don’t need an online service. TimeClick’s system shows you who’s currently onsite and how long they’ve worked. With different one-time price points, TimeClick doesn’t require the monthly fees most other time and attendance tools use. The platform also includes multiple reports that you can customize to fit your business.

One of the most important parts of an HR manager’s job is to keep employees motivated by building a human connection between their coworkers and fostering a culture of employee engagement. However, in remote circumstances, doing the same is an uphill battle. Dive lets your employees hang out, play games and engage in fun meaningful conversations and experiences together on video.


When it comes to selecting the proper HR solutions for your company, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. To begin, what HR responsibilities take up the most time in a day? Look for chores that can be automated or that could benefit from enhanced efficiency. Finding an HR software application that can automate that process – and be adjusted to other business needs – becomes less like looking for a needle in a haystack and more like reaching out for the ideal fit once you’ve identified the problem tasks.

Simplify your organisation’s finances and manage spends like a pro. Kodo is the best-in-class, zero-fee banking alternative for all your corporate requirements.



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