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4 Apps To Declutter Your Work Life

We at KODO understand how hectic work can get. We created a cheat sheet below to help you master the art of working and Marie Kondo, your work life so you can focus on what’s important. 

Declutter Your Finances with Kodo Card

A simplified corporate card to make your finances easy. Kodo manages and organizes all your business-related finances to help you spend smarter and automate expenses. It also generates automated expense reports to track and analyze your spending across various categories. Along with all these features, you can also get your team members cards with just one touch, monitor their spending, and increase/decrease their limits, and the best part…one payment for all the cards once a month. Do check them out ease 

Declutter Your Emails with Unroll Me 

Efficiently Clean up your inbox with Unroll Me. A simple platform that declutters and tracks all your emails from one place. Unroll Me’s platform unsubscribes you from unnecessary emails and combines all your favorite subscriptions into one account. A personal KODO team favorite to help us focus on the important tasks. 

Declutter Your Schedule with AnyDo  

A decluttering platform that helps your schedule and organizes your tasks. AnyDo organizes your tasks, lists, and reminders using its color-coded system and smart reminders feature to help you stay on top of your game. It also flawlessly sync all your devices to make managing your tasks easy. Check them out to sort out your schedule and clear out the junk. 

Declutter Your Mind with Cold Turkey 

Known as one of the toughest platforms, Cold turkey temporarily blocks off websites, games, and apps to help you focus and prioritize important work. Along with blocking the distraction during working hours, it can also lock your devices post-work, so you can also focus on the other important things in life. Do check them out to go cold turkey on your procrastination.

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